Acne Vulgaris Treatment

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Acne vulgaris is one of the most common forms of acne. It is characterized by lesions and usually gets healed within a week or two. However, some forms of acne vulgaris like papules and nodules do retain for a longer period of time. This generally happens during the adolescence period. If ignored can lead to complexities in future life. Acne Vulgaris can affect different body parts like Face, chest and back, forehead, cheeks, temples and skin.

Like other types of acne, it can be caused due to unhygienic eating habits, bacterial infection, and hormonal imbalances and so on. Different treatments like medication, alternate therapies and home remedies have been used for treating acne vulgaris. Use of colloidal silver supplement can effectively reduce acne Vulgaris to a great extent. Colloidal silver is prepared by obtaining microscopic electro-charged fine pure silver fine particles suspended in distilled water. There is no involvement of chemicals or other extra additives in such products. Silver particles from the colloidal silver supplement are absorbed directly by the cells in the body. The absorbed are then distributed to different organs of the body. When the bacteria and other micro-organisms come in contact with these particles they are destroyed because they are highly susceptible to these elements.

The silver particles have the capabilities to affect the enzyme that acts as a catalyst to these bacteria. As a result of this they get destroyed and die within a short period. Such died organisms are eliminated through lymphatic and eliminatory system. Colloidal silver help in improving hormonal imbalances as well as killing bacteria which leads to development of acne vulgaris. Colloidal silver products are available in solution as well as in topical form. Colloidal silver products are considered to be effective and at the same time very safe to counter these bacteria.

Acne vulgaris can also be completely eradicated by keeping the pores of the skin clean and open. Hormonal treatments are also very effective and precise in treating acne vulgaris. Several hormonal treatments include the combination of oestrogen/progestogen methods of hormonal contraception. Hormonal treatment involves less Side effects, however, may include a temporary whitening of the skin around the injection point; and occasionally a small depression forms. This method also carries a much smaller risk of scarring than surgical removal.

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