Acne Treatment

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Acne is the most common of all skin disorders which affects almost everyone. The fact that acne is affecting more than 60 million people in the United States. Over 80% of the population is affected during their teen years. Acne has been diagnosed in young infants as well as in the elderly, but it is most often seen in teens and young adults with 85-100% of adolescents and up to 10% of young adults getting it.

There are many different types of acne treatment now available on the market. You can find everything from prescription medication to face washes. The market provides a solution for every individual. There is no reason why anyone has to go through life with blemishes, scars or low self-esteem due to acne. Treatment can be undertaken by the individual or in conjunction with a dermatologist. Your individual program depends on the severity and response to your personal acne treatments.

The key to get rid of acne is to find the right product that works best for your skin. You should understand that there is not a single product that will work for everyone. You might try a lot of products before finding out the best product that works for you. But it is important that you give the products enough time to work. Whether you use prescription acne treatments or over-the- counter skin care products, you should allow a minimum of six weeks to evaluate the product. Excessive use of any acne product can cause redness, dryness of the face and can actually lead to more acne.

We are group of skin care professionals. We have investigated and researched the skin care market to provide you with a list of most common acne treatment products available on the market. We have also reviewed each acne treatment product and ranked them based on users's feedback. You are more than welcome to use our research in order to find out the best acne treatment that works for you.

Please be advised that acne responds especially well to early treatment. Dermatologists recommend that acne be treated early to maximize effectiveness as well as help prevent scarring.

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