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The system laktoperoksidase was a defence system of the body against micro-organisms that naturally were in the saliva (saliva). "Unfortunately, because of consumption" of "modern food -- that often contained chemicals, like the material perasa, dye, and the preservative -- this natural defence became broken," explained Rahmi. Apart from the influence of food, the system laktoperoksidase could be broken because of the use of detergent (sodium lauril the sulphate) that was abundant in toothpaste. The tolerance limit for the content of detergent in toothpaste was 0.0001 percent. When more than that, the framer's substance of this foam could damage saliva. To know whether your toothpaste too many contained detergent, ate the citrus fruit after brushing teeth. When citrus fruit fruity flavour to was not glad (changed the feeling became somewhat bitter), meaning that the change in saliva and the disturbance to the feeling censor because of detergent happening.
Moreover, detergent that was abundant in toothpaste could make teeth and the mouth mucosa be felt rough because teriritasi. If already like this, the easy mouth was attacked by the thrush. "Uptil now the person thought the thrush emerged resulting from the lack" of "vitamins of C. Padahal precisely the quality and the quantity" of the "saliva that really played a role," said Rahmi. Stress, the change hormonal, the disturbance of the digestion, and consumption of too much antihistamine medicine could also disrupt the production of the saliva that resulted in the thrush emergence. The use of the antiseptic could excessively damage the natural defence of the saliva. The antiseptic was bakteriosid so as to be able to kill all the bacterium in the cavity in the mouth. If the natural defence of saliva has been broken, the bacteria will breed without being controlled and making the mouth become sour. The acidity of this mouth could dissolve the email so as teeth became fragile and were easy to be eroded. The breeding bacteria could also produce poison that, when merembes to gums, caused gingivitis. Moreover, halitosis or the mouth smell could not be avoided.
But must be remembered, the mouth smell could also emerge normally. For example when fasting and getting up like that was experienced by Ana you. "When fasting and sleeping, the mouth not beraktivitas so as the issuing" of the "saliva also decreased." The mouth then became dry and dismissed the smell, he said. NUNUY NURHAYATI, the TEMPO NEWSPAPER.


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