Holistic Medicine - An Alternative To Traditional Medicine

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Holistic medicine is the holistic alternative to traditional medicines and treatments. With these alternative treatments, the body is supposed to be able to heal itself, rather than just having symptoms treated. There are many different approaches to alternative medicine, and some doctors are now starting to recognize some of the health benefits that alternative medicine can provide.

The way that holistic medicine works is by looking at the body as a whole, rather than in parts, like traditional medicine. The holistic therapies consider mind, body and spirit all together. Traditional medicine would look at high blood pressure and prescribe something to lower it. The holistic treatment would be to find the cause of the high blood pressure and treat it at the source. Is that person under a lot of stress? Try relaxing more and getting a body massage to relive pressure. Is that person with high blood pressure eating the wrong things? Holistic treatments would recommend an organic diet and plenty of exercise.

The idea for holistic treatments is that no body issue is caused by just one thing, and there are many ways to treat each problem. The holistic approach also emphasizes proper nutrition for everyone, and the importance of avoiding chemical substances which can upset the body. Avoiding things, such as alcohol, is also part of the holistic system.

So which therapies are holistic treatments? There are many different forms, but some of the most common forms are: homeopathy, herbal medicine, traditional Chinese acupuncture, chiropractic services, naturopathic medicines and massages. Many doctors, mainly in Great Britain and Europe but some in the U.S., use a form of complimentary medicine that incorporates medical practices from both traditional medicine and holistic medicine. The main goal of the holistic approach is to improve the immune system to the point where sickness almost never happens. The core belief to making that work is through nutrition, where all natural, vegetarian, organic, and mostly raw foods are consumed. This eating pattern detoxifies the body, which gets rid of all unhealthy things in the body, which in turn, improves the immune system. When the body is inline with itself and the immune system is strong, there is almost nothing the body cannot conquer.

This gives you an idea of what holistic medicine is all about. If you are interested in learning more about holistic treatments, then you can conduct more specific research, or consult your doctor to learn about what treatment methods are right for you. Even if you do not embrace the whole holistic system, perhaps you can pick one idea, such as massage therapy, to use in your life.

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