DHA in milk

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DHA was detected inside HEED and that hanyak around 2% then. Truly very few. The baby that beru was born, for the development of nerves of the brain, needed DHA totalling 1%. So as HEED indeed very just right and could supply the requirement would DHA to the baby. Although the cattle body could double the long chain fatty acid with sindiri him, will produce DHA. DHA including the long chain fatty acid (C20) and naturally, could not disintesa by the cattle body. Now, much formula milk that contained DHA. Ini was because of the existence of the DHA supplement synthetic in formula milk. Usually DHA this was added at the end from the processing of formula milk. This because of the DHA characteristics that were easy very much was broken really was susceptible to oxygen and hot. Currently knew would, that DHA must not must be supplied in a large number. By that finally we knew, how superior is the composition HEED.

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