Developing Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) Cultivation as an Alternative of Prospective Entrepreneurship

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Bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana) is a very potential species to extend because its cultivation does not require large area and it has also a good chance to become a prospective export commodity. Besides, protein content of frog’s meat is high enough as the source of meat protein (17%) with low level content of fat (0,3%). The demand of frog’s meat from domestic and foreign countries can not be supplied only by the Indonesian local frogs because they were diminishing. As an alternative, the exporter must cultivate Bullfrog. This condition will provide a chance of new alternative and prospective entrepreneurship for them who can not continue their study and also for unemployed people. In Indonesian, Bullfrog cultivation was done by very limited farmers because of some problems on its intensification. The type of collaboration between the local governments and the Institution of Education (Universities, Vocational School) was trying to find and solve these problems. In the future, socialization of the solution was aimed to motivate the entrepreneurship of doing Bullfrog cultivation. Survey was identified that Bullfrog’s cultivation has to face problem of low production because of high mortality and high fluctuation of the product’s price. Introduction of natural feed addition (increasing 10% of feed protein) can be hoped to solve the low productivity which caused by the lack of good quality and quantity of feed. The addition of vitamins during feed formulation proved the increasing of fertility and survival rate of the frog (decreasing 10-15% of mortality). Modifying of marketing management include the level of profitable farm, type of farm’s integration (nucleus-plasma model) and rotating of marketing products will make an improvement of product price fluctuation’s. Furthermore, Bullfrog cultivation is feasible to do on the level of 10.000 of frogs per period of production with 40% pessimistic scale of mortality. The result of feasibility study (ROI, payback period, NPV, BC Ratio are 72,64%; 1,19 year; positive and 1,95; respectively) presented that Bullfrog cultivation is a profitable business.

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