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Hypomenorrhea is the condition in which the flow of blood during the menstrual period is extreamly low. Sometimes there are scanty periods or spotting is there during periods. There are various reasons responsible for this condition one major known reason is Asherman’s syndrome.

Causes For Hypomenorrhea :
Some of the causes for hypomenorrhea includes :
  • Uterine: Some women have the smaller bleeding surface than normal. But this condition is is found rarely in women. Presence of this condition indicates a condition of uterine hypoplasia which is caused due to hormonal imbalances. The reduction in endometrial cavity can also be myomectomy or any operation of uterus.

  • Constitutional: Few women are prone of having less bleeding during their menstrual period. This may be due to some genetic reasons. For instance, if your mother suffered from similar codition you are very much sure of getting the same in your genes. But this codition do not pose any threat to pregnancy.

  • Hormonal: Scanty periods are normal when a women have achieved the peak of her reproductive life or just at the time of puberty or just before menopause. This condition appears specifecally at these times only because ovulation at this stage is irregular, moreover the endometrial lining has not developed normally. Apart from this, higher levels of androgen, low levels of thyroid, high levels of insulin and prolactin etc. can be few other hormonal reasons for this condition to appear.

  • Use Of Conterceptives For Long Time: Using Conterceptive pills for a longer duration can also result in scanty periods.

  • Emotional And Nervous Reasons: Some times excessive stress and excitement can also result in development of hypomenorrhoea. It is because such factors supress those brain centers which are responsible to stimulate ovaries during ovarian cycle. Thus, low production of hormone.

  • Other Reasons: Some reasons for this condition to appear includes crash diets, heavy exercises, intrauterine adhesions etc.
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