Think you're ready to start managing your weight?

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Get yourself ready to change unhealthy behavior ... try these six tips on preparing to make a change:
1. Acknowledge that there is an area of your life you'd like to change.This is a crucial first step if you're looking to lose weight, start a fitness program, stop smoking, or confronting dangerous addictive activity (like alcoholism and drug use). Sometimes it's the little things in life that can lead to a big change.
2. Be honest about your motives. It sometimes just takes a bit of self realization to trigger change. Challenge and examine your behavior in question ... what is the real reason, avoidance?
3. Visualize yourself and your life after you've made the change. Enough said, just don't set your sights too high ... be realistic.
4. Recognize and visualize the negative consequences if you don't change.Don't wait to make changes until you're disgusted enough, or something happens that is negative or hurts. Save the crash ... instead, visualize the negative consequences of continuing your behavior and imagine the place you never want to be. Picture yourself in the bad outcomes that others have suffered — health problems from being overweight or not getting regular exercise — can be a good motivator.
5. Think about finding a partner to take the journey with you.Reading the success stories of others can work great to psych people up, but finding a "wing-man/woman" is even better.
6. Think about your ultimate goal but take it one step at a time.If you have too big of a goal, it helps to break it into doable steps. Figure out what you think is feasible, and then cut that goal in half. For example, if you're considering a weight loss program, decide to lose just one pound a week instead of shooting for two.

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