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Asthma causes swelling and inflammationClick here for a picture. in the airways, leading to your lungs. When exacerbations of asthma, the airways tighten and become smaller. This maintains the air by the user-friendly and makes it difficult for you respiriez. This sudden outbreaks are also known as attacks or exacerbations of asthma.

Asthma affects people in different ways. Some only have asthma attacks during allergy season or when they breathe in cold air, or when they are exercised. Others have many bad attacks that send the doctor frequently.

Even if you have little asthma attacks, yet you treat your asthma. The swelling and inflammation in the airways can lead to permanent changes in your airways and damage to your lungs.

Many people with asthma active life, full of life. Although asthma is a perpetual disease, treatment can be ordered and you maintain good health.
What causes asthma?

The experts do not know exactly what causes asthma. But there are some things we know:

* Racing asthma in families.
* Asthma is more common in people with allergies, although not everyone with asthma, allergies. And not everyone with asthma have allergies.
* The pollution can cause asthma or make it worse.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of asthma can be mild or severe. You can now and then have fresh attacks, if you have severe symptoms daily, if you have something in the meantime. How many times you have the symptoms may also change. If your asthma, you can:

* Wheeze, making a whistling noise or very mild happens when you breathe in and out.
* Toussez lot.
* Feel the tightness in the chest.
* Feel short of breath.
* You have trouble sleeping because of coughing or having difficulty breathing.
* Quick tired during the exercise.

Your symptoms may worsen at night.

The attacks of severe asthma may be a danger to life and should care had an urgent need.
How is it diagnosis of asthma?

With a physical exam and questions about your health, your doctor for respiratory function tests. These tests include:

* Spirometrie. Doctors use this test to diagnose and keep asthma. It measures how quickly you can move and in the sky with your lungs and how much air you move.
* Maximum expiratory flow (PEF). This shows how quickly you can be your exhaler the hardest.
* A challenge to exercise or inhalation. This test measure how quickly you can breathe after exercise or after taking a medicine.
* A chest X-ray to see if another disease is the cause of your symptoms.
* Anti-tests, if your doctor thinks that your symptoms may be caused by allergies.

You should routinely check with your doctor to keep your asthma and determine treatment.
How is it treated?

There are two shares asthma. The objectives are:

* Order asthma long term. To do this, use a daily treatment of asthma. It is a written plan that tells you what medication to take. It also helps you know that your symptoms and how the treatment works. Many people take a medicine-usual controller an inhaled corticosteroid each day. The dosing for each day helps reduce the swelling of the airways and prevent attacks. Your doctor will show you how to use your inhaler correctly. It is very important, so you the correct amount of medicine to help you breathe better.
* Treatment of asthma attacks when they occur. Use an action plan asthma who tells you what to do if you have an attack of asthma. It helps you identify the triggers that can cause your attacks. You use the medicine at issue, such as albuterol, during an attack.


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