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Diabetes is a very common disease with abnormally high levels of glucose in the blood. Perhaps more than any other disease, it is strongly associated with culture and Western food.

The pancreas produces insulin and insulin is used to lower blood sugar. If the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, your body will develop diabetes. Not enough insulin in the body cause diabetes. The body can not absorb or take full advantage of a portion of the food we eat, especially carbohydrates or sugars or starches.

The pancreas does not produce enough insulin available to burn foods such as energy or stored for future use. The starches and sugars increase the sugar content of blood. Sugar is now the kidneys and urine. The symptoms of diabetes are caused by the loss of energy from carbohydrates, which leads to a disease that can be fatal if not treated properly.

There are two types of diabetes, which are type 1 diabetes and dactylographient - 2 diabetes. Some type of diabetes, it represents an increase of abnormal blood glucose of a person 'blood s. This anomaly is due to insufficient insulin, or perhaps an abuse of it. If left untreated, the disease can cause many serious complications (heart disease, amputation, blindness, impotence).

Glucose provides energy to different parts of human body. Insulin plays an important role to stabilize glucose in the blood after physical exertion or after a meal. It is a complex settlement system.

For a normal person, levels of sugar in the blood ranged between 0.5 and 1.5 grams per liter of blood. The blood glucose is the rate of sugar in the blood, and the average value is 1 gram per litre (5.5 mmol / l). It varies between 1 and 1.4 g / l two hours after a meal. It varies between 0.8 and 1.26 grams / liter in the morning.

According to the World Health Organization, diabetes is a problem when levels of blood glucose are higher in the morning or equal to 1.26 grams / liter. The hypoglycemia is a blood sugar less than 0.46 grams / liter.

The automatic monitoring services allow the use of hair testing blood sugar to be imported. A bite is on a finger of the measure. The drop of blood obtained is filed on tape and it is immediately read by a player that can be stored in the pocket of the patient.

The glycourie is the rate of sugar in the urine. It is necessary to know its value because when the sugar reaches 1.6 grams / liter, sugar rose in the urine.


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