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lazy is disease bounce. Whom lighted upon to feel lazy, sure success far from dream. Feel lazy to be interpreted as someone disinclination to conduct something that ought to or he better conduct. Enter in big family feel lazy is to refuse duty, don't discipline, not assiduous, like to delay something, transferring x'self of obligation, etc. If big family from feeling slack this easy to once emerge in everyday activity of us, hence guaranteed by performance we will downhill far. Even it is possible that we have never can reach better something that as which we wish. Felt slack real of him is of a kind disease bounce. Is why referred as by disease bounce? To be referred as that way because ugly effect from feeling slack it is true very harm. Whom even also lighted upon to feel lazy intrude the performance of and this clearly very harm. Success in career, business, and life generally have never come at lazy people. Society fulfilled by individual- ill defined lazy individual will never go forward. Feel lazy also depict the loss of someone motivation to do what really or work he wish. Feel slack type which is is one this relative more able to overcome. Ad for thinking only lah one room from so much lazy feelings. Indolence think to make retired brain and call it day. Might possibly die before doom arrive. Then why lazy think? Many it is true exhortations so that thinking. Not merely in Al-Qur'An which often rage at lazy people people think, but also our day. Hence him think lah. Co PIKIA. Afala Tatafakkarun.

Why Lazy Think.

Entirety of thinking process, claiming real charitable and job. Any which thought of. Including thinking of badness also claim action. Thinking so that having mint of money, him of might possibly have to make a living. its way? Again have to work. Don'T know that become entrepreneur alias enterprenuer, white colars officer, drive of pedicab, worker lift, or reliable writer and any kind of. Which the was jelasan of him will claim CHARITABLE. Demand do a good deed as conclusion think is one of the cause of lazy people think. If wishing to enter syurga, become good fellow. How so that become good fellow? What step which must be gone through? Even the overall of items becoming the supporter nodes of obliging charitable as his demand. Ninety nine persen.

More and more thinking, more and more conclusions which isn't it to do a good deed and work reality. Try lah think. At once there is demand do a good deed after him. Don'T let this brain of death and pension before his doom.

Condition go to school and teacher also very influence student.

in general always question mischief of student. And most education schools which there are in Indonesia, especially, too subjektif mean only having interpretation side eye. As evidence of konkret as according to what is going on field that is when school side decide that this student is naughty and have no business follow test, oppositely sometimes out di-droup of school. Though reality of naughty student of matoritas there is the correlation of with personality of teacher, quality of and teacher profesionalitas ( individually) as well as school condition. Hence from that school side have to study again to the the happening of the mischief of student of.

During the time that happened is true that way, equally, student which must become victim of policy which do not objective. As well as student will feel getting disadvantage by policy. Evidence more him him for example pay attention schools which in Maisonette of Pesantren Annuqayah ( good of formal school and informal him). specificly again Senior High School Annuqayah, pursuant to events which still faktual, Senior High school Annuqayah student of a lot was hit by which the was names of agreement. This matter happened that is after until semester test time one or two. From here side go to school presumably very require to conduct study to mischief of student or even when needed school side perform a kind of survey of both parties namely from student side and at the same time from side learn itself.

For the reason, if forming of that school it is true really is will made by intact education place of him with a purpose to develop build nation character which is have personality, hence school side ought to out for look for causes soybean cake the happening of all kind of problematika that happened in itself school. Hence from that for the agenda of improve repairing and returning school good name (Senior high scool Annuqayah exclusively), not wrong if if only which beforehand step which must be taken by side go to school is to try to trace livelines and at the same time discipline a teacher in running responsibility him. As well as school side don't forget to always introspect to the everything which have been executed. Newly later then the student of managed by side go to school and also all kind of having an effect on to student condition. With existence of this effort, prospect of very big the influence of to development return character and personality of school which during the time still happened the abuse of responsibility, good that from teacher side, student or it is possible that less capable itself school in managing something him, so that problematika like this have to arise. And planning of education performance a period of to come, it is true have to better and assure without isn't it again problematika as does this time, and do not disregard all discourse which during the time implied in mission and vision of SMA Annuqayah itself. So that in forming of this character can return normal and become like what is expected before all.

Thus, psychological impact to livelines had by a that is teacher very have an effect on for forming of personality of protege him. Ironically uncared this matter often by a educator especially.

How to overcome laziness?

1. Making Target.

lazy people usually do not have motivation to expand up at better life. For a while people which do not have motivation usually don't have the target oves competent and proper life to be reached for. And people which do not have the target oves life, usually very rare even might never write down or resolution of komitmen attainment of life. In here jetty problem of him. Aimless, resolution, or komitmen attainment of life, hence someone only moving by naluriah and very rentan isn't it situation in around him. Position like this make him become passively, awaiting, depend on situation, and tend to to leave to chance. Under the circumstances, there will be no motivation to reach for or reach something. Inexistence of[is source oves life motivation cause indolence. So that motivate to emerge, someone have to dare to decide the target oves his life. According to Andrias Harefa in the book of Agenda of Refleksi and Action For Better Life ( GPU, 2004), he/she have to make komitmen to the any kind of which wish to be finished, to be reached, to be owned, to be conducted, and enjoyed.

2. Sharpening Ability

People owning the target oves definitive life, making and resolution of komitmen attainment usually have high motivation. But clear vague target don't give impact of motivasional which isn't it. So, will better if targets provided with study activities, like searching effective and efficient ways to reach target. We also very important to sharpen ability or skilled so that the taking stages will bring us at attainment of target effectively and efficient.

Example; if in the year which have been targeted us want to be consultant, hence since now activities we have have to be focussed up at target. We have to continue to sharpen ability of mendiagnosa of problem, finding cause, analysing, communicating idea, offering solution, and improve ability of presentation. If that study activities is done consistently and with komitmen fully, hence we have resided in correct path. Study activities will place us on course and dynamic environment. Ability of us in face of and finish problem also will mount. By itself this will progressively strengthen to feel our self confidence, thickening komitmen attainment of target, and of course grow the spirit of. On the contrary, if us is at all refuse study activities, komitmen will progressively weaken, spirit of going down, and indolence of dating swiftly. At this dot, targets, or resolution of komitmen we which have make have do] not have meaning again.

3. Dynamic Interaction.

the winners shake together with winner humanity, whereas all idler. tend to to shake together with humanities of idler.. The expression contain truth. Difficult once for a idler to live in environment all winners. Difficult for lazy people to reside in balmyly in the centre of people very, stir, work impetously, and motivated to pursue achievement. That way on the contrary. Ad for once to all achiever high to forbear staying prolonging with all lazy people and pesimistik.

Situation or environment where do we reside in really there is his influence. People which start to be lighted upon to feel slack very suggest so that avoiding them which also start to be attacked by boredom, hopeless, feel shy at, more than anything else thinking negative. Cusorily, bellying ache by their with people like that can get of cherry. There is a kind of feeling release of psychological shackle. Although that way, in lazy situation be on the attack, closing people people which is down is not at all help one another. Feel slack and impasse exactly can add to become more and more. This can plung into each party at pessimism, hopeless, and total indolence.

If feeling slack to start to invade us, don't prolonging sit to keep silence. Way most ampuh eliminate indolence is awakening to stand up and draw near people who is assiduous and motivated to do something. Closing them which is striving to reach for his dream. Optimism human beings, self- motivated, have ambition, thinking positive, and have the target of sure life, generally transmit positive aura to anything and who is even also in around him. Optimism radiation and spirit of that is what deflect others inspiration, contagious even the spirit of is same so that others become to follow to be moved.

4. Self-Discipline.

There is a expression which deeply the meaning of from Andrie Wongso, Motivator of No.1 Indonesia, which was his sound; " If soft us in, hence external world will ossify to us. But if hard us in, hence external world will soften to us". this remarkable Pearl words affirm, that if we will take a hard line at own self, in meaning forge to feel discipline in matters, hence many matters we will be able to do better. Hard attitude at discipline or own self that is what generally bring successfulness for career all professional work and sportsmen which it is true claim discipline attitude in many matters. Conceiving, how a atlet can become champion if he is discipline do not exercise? How can there is the good professional work of career of if him often desert job?

On the contrary, if too soft us or pamper own self, looking after indolence, tolerating ugly performance, do not feel guilty if negligence or fail in duty, hence external world will very. sure spoiled sportsman will never bear away. A sales the lazyness will never big sale of him.


Feel lazy clear harm. Sure cure of is to grow habit punish x'self and take care of positive habit. Even if someone have big dream or aspiration, if the indolence of easy to emerge, hence that big dream or aspiration will remain to live in dream nature. Thus, if You wish success, don't water down appearance feel lazy.


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