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To the vertebrate that lived in water did fertilisasi outside the body (fertilisasi external). The example: the fish and the frog. That lived in the land carried out fertilisation in the body (fertilisasi internal). In mammalia male, his sex organ was mentioned penis to reptiles like the gecko and the lizard used hemipenis (penis false), while to the birds nation for example: the duck, to distribute sperm used the tip of the cloaca. To the animal that did fertilisasi internal was known by the existence 3 development sorts of the embryo
1. Ovipar/laid eggs:.... When the embryo developed in the egg. For Example: in birds kinds and the fish.

2.Ovovivipar/laid eggs and had children:.... When the embryo developed in the egg that diinkubasi in the body.... with the source of nutrition came from the egg. For Example: in several shark kinds.

3.Vivipar/had children:.... When the embryo grew and developed in the uterus and got.... nutrition from his mother through plase him. For Example: in several kinds mammalia.

Generally mammalia gave birth to his child (vivipar) and afterwards suckled his child until his child was independent. Several exceptions, for example: to the animal of the duck beak (Platypus), laid eggs, after hatching his child was just suckled. To the pocket animal (Marsupialia), the example: the kangaroo, his child was born young (very premature) afterwards crawled entered, the pocket of his mother, searched putting milk, afterwards Suckled in the pocket until independent.

1.The male Mammalia Reproduction implement The example: to humankind. That was linked with the production of sperm consisted of a pair of gender gland that was acknowledged as the testes that were kept in the pocket was acknowledged as the scrotum/the pocket of the penis. In the testes was gotten soft Channels that was mentioned tubulus seminiferus that was the place of the formation spermatozoa. To go out the body spermatozoa passed the channel epididimis. This channel afterwards widened to the vase deferens that flowed to the urethra. Palo the meeting of the urethra with the vase deferens was gotten the prostate gland and on the side behind him was gotten the gland cowper. The two glands functioned produced sekret to give nutrition and facilitated the movement spermatozoa.

2.The female Mammalia Reproduction implement The example: to humankind. To humankind was gotten a pair of gender gland that is the functioning ovaries produced the egg cell. In the ovaries was gotten the Grad follicle that will develop by the egg cell (the ovum). The ovaries were connected with the uterus (the uterus) by a channel that was acknowledged as the tube fallopii (Poison fallopii). The uterus was the hollow channel that was bigger with his tip part united to form the narrow channel that is the vagina.

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