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Cancer was the biggest killing illness and manakutkan for humankind. Cigarettes were one of the causes of biggest cancer, that is lung cancer. This cancer could kill almost 90% his sufferer, or almost 30% from all over the death that was resulted in by cancer.However actually kankr lungs-lungs that most found it easy to be prevented. Survey in several decades showed that the only cause of lung cancer was the smoke. Cigarettes contained approximately 4000 elements, and at least 200 were among them stated was dangerous for the health.Main poison cigarettes were tar, nicotine and carbon monoksida. Tar was the hydrocarbons substance that affected nerves and the circulation of blood. This substance was shaped like a carcinogen, and could trigger deadly lung cancer. Carbon monoxide was the binding substance haemoglobin in blood, made blood could not tie oxygen. So as the need of the existence of efforts to reduce the impact of this cigarette smoke, one of them was with reduced the level of tar, nicotine as well as carbon monoxide (Co) from the cigarette smoke. Chittin was the descendants of cellulose amino biggest the two in the wild. Chittin for example often was gotten to the wall of the fungi cell, cangkang insecta or insects and crustacean (prawns). The characteristics of his chemistry that was typical could it was suspected have the potential that was big as the filter against cigarette smoke poison (Austin, 1976). Whereas chitosan was results deasetilisasi of chittin.Chittin in hydraulic with used sour-alkali strong in water boiled in time that was not too long, afterwards was carried out by neutralisation, filtration, the washing and drainage. The term chittin and Chitosan his use was interchangeably. Chittin also mamou absorbed fenol, oxygen, as well as the other organic component available to the tobacco smoke. The research about the study of the effectiveness from chitosan as bio-filter this was divided into three stages.

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